14.5" x 12.5" x 2.5"
Mixed Media

This piece is very special to me. I was raised by my grandmother and her dear friend, a powerful African American woman named 'Queen Victoria.' After both of their husbands had died, Q.V. would come over to the house once a week and help my grandmother who many didn't know had taken on a huge responsibility. Taking in a little rambunctious child who had been legally removed from a severely broken home. Together, these two amazing women in their golden years took the old saying "It takes a village" to an entirely different level.

She and my grandmother used to make a pot of coffee and iron clothes together every Saturday morning and I would listen to her stories about the South and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as her soulful, spirit filling laughter would fill the room. She was as strong as the iron she held in her hand while she pressed the wrinkles out of a troubled world. Her words of wisdom and kindness gently guided a little white child to walk the path of justice and equality for all. I will never forget her. This piece represents the many treasured Saturday memories, cherished friendships and the strength of a woman who had a fierce heart of gold.

QUEEN is comprised of a vintage hand iron mounted on gold leaf, paper and antique frame.