34" x 20" x 22" - Mixed Media

Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. once said that Sunday morning at 11 o'clock was the most segregated hour of the week. Religion is a personal and cultural thing and I can understand wanting to worship with those you feel the most comfortable with, but my thoughts are that there is no reason that we all can't get together and meet/talk several times a year to break down barriers of distrust and communication. Made out of an old vintage hand made bird house that I altered and rebuilt. A bible is inside with contrasting pages turned to Mark 12:31 "Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these." The choir robe is from Second Baptist Church in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas where Dr. Dale Cowling was one of a few leading white clergymen who stood against the tide of unreason that swept Arkansas in the late 1950’s. In the celebrated Little Rock school crisis, Cowling voiced his stance on the wrongs of segregation.

11th HOUR is comprised of wood, shingles, metal, paper, paint, cloth robe and electric lighting.