"Alt Right"
13” x 22” x15”

The antiquated mind set of anger, hatred, and self fabricated white supremacist superiority are represented by the worn and tattered 1870 ‘flour sack’ Klan hood and outdated typewriter. Long gone are the dark sinister moonless nights of terrorizing people on horseback. The letters on the typewriter spell out the words of intent, as a vicious cowards keyboard becomes the most dangerous weapon in today's society. A toxic message can then enter our home and invade our lives. As the incessant clicking of the keys fuel the fires of hatred, you then see behind the hood a mirror, that if you look closely, reveals the reflection of an unsuspecting, misinformed messenger.

We all have a part in spreading anger, deceit and half truths. Stopping the deadly virus of hatred begins with us and it all starts with a conversation - one preferably in person and not behind a faceless keyboard. There are only two emotions in life. Love and fear. Kindness, compassion and empathy stem from love. Anger, angst, bitterness and hatred stem from fear. It’s time to take a good hard look at ourselves and decide if we want to easily belong to a dark, antiquated world where we blend into obscurity with petulant hearts, or one where we take the more difficult road and challenge ourselves to treat each other with kindness, respect and understanding. It's only then where we will able to move forward into a new and better day.

Klan hood, circa 1870 from Carthage, Arkansas, vintage typewriter, paper, glass.