Authentic human skull (medical skeleton)

24k hand hammered gold leaf. Antique vice.

When I was a little girl I had a dream. I dreamed I was in a rocket flying through space while millions of bright twinkling stars whizzed past me. I smiled in my dream in wonder as I floated without the restrictive boundaries of gravity. The next day I woke and excitedly ran in to the kitchen to tell my parents of my dream. After spilling the prophetic details of my high ambitions they had only one response. "Girls can't be astronauts, now go clean your room." I was crushed and have never forgotten that dream or that moment.

As devastating and painful as that felt, it was a life lesson for me. I noticed more and more as I grew the restrictions that society placed on individuals that just wanted to be free to be themselves. As a child I dreamed. As an adult I fight. For the right to be who I truly am is a precious thing.