"Dark Horse"
25" x 35.5" x 13.5"

A Trojan Horse. A horrific mindset that has successfully slipped back into our society under the hollow guise of professed superiority and narcissistic grandeur. A nation intentionally deceived by cruel self-serving charlatans who have parked their toxic facade of greed and power outside our doors. Yet we can now see through the deceptive cracks, who they really are.

I've been working on this difficult piece for weeks. According to old fragments of Hungarian newspaper I discovered under the damaged fabric that once covered the object, the carved European piece dates back to 1942 when extreme nationalism, racism, hatred and bigotry was on the rise. The words "Roosevelt," "Paratrooper" and "Competent Camps" were just four of the words translated.

This is a stark reminder that we've been down this heinous road before. A road that we cannot allow ourselves to go down again. For in the midst of blind, divisive, intentional misdirected aggression the words of George Santayana still ring true today. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. (And the little metal door I cut and took from an antique rodent trap raises and lowers as well. I thought it was perfect for this project)