74" x 34" x 21"
Mixed Medium Installation

Being a rational, concerned individual is one thing. Reckless panic is another. Created out of an old Craftsman front porch column "Home of the Brave" represents the ridiculous level of 'Fear' that is being intentionally streamed into our homes to separate us as Americans today. Fear fuels mistrust, repression and hatred among neighbors. Yes, there are things we need to take care of, but keeping a level head, checking facts, and not taking direction from emotionally charged individuals or media sources that are bent on monetary or personal gain is the solution. Truth is the key to our safety, security and happiness. America doesn't need to "be great again," it never stopped being great, and don't let anyone motivated by self interest or fear tell you otherwise.

Home of the Brave is comprised of an antique craftsman porch column, metal, epoxy, and wood.