66” X 20”X 20” - Mixed Media Installation - SOLD

After working with incarcerated youth and seeing first hand the unjust imbalance of mass incarceration of minorities in our country today, I find this piece haunting and sad, but painfully true. The white column is taken from an old craftsman style front porch, where a lot of time is spent during the hot summer months due to the sweltering heat. Sitting on the front porch watching the world go by, is a relaxing, cherished moment here in the south. Unfortunately due to social economic status, lack of opportunity or the color of their skin, many individuals never get the opportunity to go very far past this setting before being funneled into the lucrative and politically controlled ‘cradle to prison’ pipeline. They literally spend a lifetime, from birth to death, 'looking out' into the real world.

JIM is comprised of a vintage Crow decoy, rusted barbed wire, epoxy, and wood.