“Klan Church”


"Klan Church" is created from found objects. The building is wood and metal, the little Klan hoods are stone, and the wooden slab foundation that they are attached to is split from a piece of an actual slave quarter beam found in Stuttgart, Arkansas.

My entire body of work on this journey has been addressing an antiquated mentality, craftily concealed under the thin veil of religion, that is now showing itself again. The Klan hood rocks sewn below the surface are 'growing’ from the ground congregating in front of the church. The old vintage church appears slapped together with various scraps of wood and metal representing the hand picked quotes in religion that support vile discriminatory behavior. The slab of hand hewn wood from the slave quarter underneath it all represents the foundation that the white supremacy movement grew from and stands on today.

Discrimination never stops with only one group. Ever.