70” x 18” x 21”

Represents the panicked and distorted push of the RFRA movement in today’s society. The stark white bird feeder/church is full of ‘bird seed’ from stones that are cast, and hard paper ‘pellets’ made from actual pages of the Old Testament, which feeds the bird’s hysteria while blocking the sanctuary doors and structure. The old column and foundation are cracked and worn with time showing deterioration. The vintage black crow decoys, which are symbolic of the Jim Crow Era, once again find a way to repress others with fear and intimidation guarding the key that keeps the door locked in deceit. The crooked cross at the top is made out of an old church pew to show how the definition of the law has been cruelly twisted from it’s original shape and intent. Finally, the letters ‘RFRA’ are scrawled into the front of the column in a childish manner, showing the recklessness and close-mindlessnes which unfortunately, always leads to prejudice.

RFRA is composed of wood, paper, rocks, paint, and steel.