8’ x 4’ x 2’
Mixed Media

I asked Robb Davis, the Director of Cultural Engagement at The LGBT Center in New York City to join me in a collaborative effort with 'Rise', and to write a description of what it means to him. This powerful piece was on display there at the time and Robb is a talented Writer, Producer and Artist, who 'gets it'. I am damn proud to call him my friend. You can read his powerful words below and more about Robb here: http://robbleighdavis.com/

"This latest work from V.L. serves as a reminder that we're not all free, until everyone is free.

Sculpted from vintage individual mannequin parts, resin and steel, this work speaks to a country in search of itself. A country founded on liberty for all, but still struggling to see it's way through and make clean on that promise.

The large cloth sewn flag was flown over the United States Capitol on August 17, 2016 in collaboration with Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, and represents the 96 year journey, after the 19th Amendment, of women in politics and advancement.

America was designed on the premise that 'all MEN are created equal," even as legal discrimination existed as the law of the land. More than 240 years later, we continue to fight for those truths to be self-evident, and expand the notions of protections under the law and equal access to opportunity.

With arms determinedly stretched out toward the future, and the stars and stripes obstructing that path, this work asks us to examine the direction we're headed in, and what it will take for us to see a world where freedom actually rings.

Our core values are being tested as a country. Now is the moment when we must make the active choice to galvanize, find strength in intersectional community, uphold the content of our character and continue on the path to upward mobility.

In order to rise, one must be lifted up. To be lifted up, one must reach down to encourage another.

The future is in our hands. History will speak to how we chose to meet the challenge."

- Robb Leigh Davis, Director of Cultural Engagement