I found her in an antique shop in New York City when I was exploring one day on my way to Chinatown. We connected immediately and I found her strikingly beautiful. "How much?" I asked the woman behind the counter. "$45" she replied. I hastily plunged my hand in my pocket and pulled out the wadded bills and counted them out.

I placed her on a shelf next to a vintage homemade boat I had acquired last year and it was then the idea hit me. I saw her strength as a woman sailing through difficult times. I reflected on all the women that are now stepping out of the shadows in unity to take their place in history as we fight against repression and injustice towards a better tomorrow.

She leads head forward wearing the gloves of a modern woman, with the stars and bars of the country that CAN be 'just and fair' with the right leader. A leader who will face the headwinds unafraid and steer a wayward ship in a storm to safe port.

Tin, wood, plaster, cloth, epoxy putty and paint.