War Of Disinformation
24.5" x 15.5" x 16.5"

I’ve been taking the time to read about ‘Confirmation Bias’ these past few days. I’ve never heard of the term before so I have to admit I learned something. Confirmation Bias is when the tendency to selectively ‘pick and choose’ information that confirms our existing beliefs or ideas.  Shahram Heshmat Ph D, Psychology Today, describes it best - “Self-deception can be like a drug, numbing you from harsh reality, or turning a blind eye to the tough matter for gathering evidence and thinking. As Voltaire commented long ago, Illusion is the first of all pleasure.” And we are all guilty of it. The danger of such bias however, opens the door to opportunist who then spread disinformation which is false information or “propaganda’ spread deliberately to deceive.

Truth, it has been said is the first casualty of war. A cruel, divisive information war is now directed against each other and against our democracy. But there is hope. In our possession we have the most powerful weapon against such an onslaught in our arsenal. Unification and Truth.

Use them.

For together we fight.

Brass, epoxy putty, iron.